Casa Rubia

Oh, Sherry

Small Plates and Sherry at Trinity Groves

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Next week you celebrate Thanksgiving.

This week you celebrate... nothing.

That’s unfortunate.

But on the bright side, you do get paella.

Pass the small plates for Casa Rubia, a low-lit villa from the Driftwood folks that you’ll turn to for tapas, sherry and weeknight dinner dates, now open at Trinity Groves.

What you’re working with here is a gold-accented space where Gaudí hangs on the wall and candles flicker on the tables. Also, you’re working with a menu full of tapas (think salted-cod croquetas, manchego queso). And you know who likes tapas... Yup, your date.

So make a reservation for you and someone special and do the shared thing. Or you and a group and do the paella thing—they rotate it daily (first up: cuttlefish-and-Portuguese-sardines paella) and it’s made to order. So allow at least 30 minutes. Should give you time for a cocktail. Probably a sherry.

See, this place has a lot of sherry. Basically all of the sherry. It’s behind the granite bar. It’s in cases by the open kitchen. It’s even in their house Manhattan along with a touch of chocolate bitters.

Sherry: always turning up where you least expect it.

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