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Joe Biden’s Favorite Sandwiches, Now Downtown

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Dear Mr. Vice President,

We hate to interrupt your day amid all your vice presidential duties, but we have some news about your favorite sandwiches. Yeah, those sandwiches. The ones you ordered for your first inaugural lunch.

That news: you no longer have to hop on the Acela to Delaware to get them anymore.

So we’re sure you’ll join us in welcoming the first DC location of Wilmington-born Capriotti’s, opening for lunch on Thursday.

Yeah, we know. Delaware’s a little short on claims to fame. (Well, besides you, sir.) Beaches, sure, but it’s winter. So that leaves... well, basically these giant sandwiches (the small is nine inches), which have been a favorite of First State residents since 1976.

If it’s just a simple sub you want, they’re getting bread locally baked to their specs every day, and cooking whole turkeys for 11 hours every night. But better than that, check out their specialties like the Thanksgiving-leftovers-style Bobbie (turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce).

As for the dining room, well, it’s pretty simple—some backlit brick, couple TVs. And, oh, it’s open until 3am Thursday through Saturday.

Not that you’ll be going there at 2:30am, Mr. Vice President.

Although, we really wish you would.


1800 M St NW
Washington, DC, 20036


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