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Is it hot in here...

Or is it just the two large wood-burning, steak-frites-searing grills...

Put a slight French accent on for Firepit Steak & Frites, a toasty black-and-white brasserie that’s specializing in the steak. And the frites. Now open.

Smells like a campfire in here. But that’s probably on account of the two wood-fire grill pits in the middle of the room. You know, the ones that are cooking up your quail. And your lamb. And your soon-to-be-perfectly-sliced-and-joined-on-a-plate-by-some-crispy-truffle-fries Angus filets.

You’ll gather in a leather booth around dinnertime with a couple of colleagues, a couple of chops and a couple of beers. The colleagues: you’ll find them at the office. The chops: you’ll order them smothered in secret sauce (we’re tasting tarragon) at the counter on your right when you walk in. And the beers: you’ll... not find any here.

Yes, this is one of those BYOB situations. We imagine that won’t be an issue for you, though.

You carry extra B at all times.


Fire Pit Steaks
8141 Walnut Hill Ln
Dallas, TX, 75231


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