French Kiss

A Secret Hotel Room in a Paris Bar

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This is the story of how you’re spending the night in the closet of a bar in Paris...

... entirely on purpose.

Perfect your double-cheek-kiss for La Kiss Room, an art installation/one-room hotel hidden in the storeroom of a bar in Paris’s 3rd arrondissement. It’s open for just 1,000 days. It’s taking reservations now. And here’s how you get in...

Find La Perle.
It’s a bar right in the Marais. Look for the attractive individuals wearing black and looking all Parisian and whatnot. Also: the giant “LA PERLE” sign out front.

Act like you belong here.
Because you do—you’ll have reserved your night on the website. But leisurely tapping a cigarette and sipping some absinthe while discussing Godard can’t hurt.

Enter that closet on the right.
That’s your room. It’s on the cozy side—only 100 square feet. But 1,000 mirrors cover every square inch. So that’ll help you feel less confined. And help you remember, “Oh, right, it’s an art installation.”

Make yourself comfortable.
You’ve got a bed, a bathroom, a champagne-stocked minibar and... that’s it. There’s also a constant soundtrack composed by one half of the band Air—and soundproof walls to keep any noise from getting in.

Or, you know, out.


La Kiss Room
at Café La Perle
78 rue Vieille du Temple
75003 Paris
+33 1 42 72 69 93
official website


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