City Park Cafe

Park of the Covenant

A Beer-and-Cereal Shack at Main Street Garden

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If you had to rank your favorite meals in no particular order, you’d say... breakfast, lunch and dinner.

So, good news, here’s a place that serves all three.

Plus beer, just to be safe.

Grab some fresh air at City Park Cafe, a shiny green shack you’ll visit for breakfast tacos, lunchtime brats and picnic-ready beers, now open in Downtown at Main Street Garden.

To ensure maximum success, we’ve taken the liberty of planning your day here.

Stop in before work for a morning pick-me-up. Something egg-and-bacon-related that comes in a tortilla. Society calls it a “taco.” And starting next week, you can pair that taco with Lucky Charms from the help-yourself cereal bar. Seems like a good combo.

Time for lunch. Time for a muffuletta. You’ll want to eat it on the sprawling outdoor deck. Or under a nearby tree if you’re looking to relax/play hard-to-get with the deck.

You deserve a drink. This place has drinks. And a license that extends all through the premises, so you can enjoy a glass of cabernet or a Shiner in the park.

As you wait patiently for spring.


City Park Cafe
1920 Main St
Dallas, TX 75201


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