Fish Out of Water

Ceviche. Sushi. And a Full-On Pisco Bar.

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Some things were meant to be together.

Seriously, try to imagine a world where spaghetti lost its sauce. Bert had never met Ernie. And sushi joints were never given pisco bars.

Good thing you never, ever have to do that again.

Because you have things like SuViche, the latest installment of the Peruvian/Japanese mashup spot, now open in Wynwood.

Allow us to jog your memory: SuViche had two spots. Both are tiny. Both do the Japanese sushi and Peruvian ceviche thing. Both are sorely lacking a pisco bar.

Yup, definitely no pisco bar.

So now: some serious upgrading. In the former Bloom spot in Wynwood. They kept the whitewashed banquettes, and added some pop art and a living plant sculpture on the walls. Oh, and that pisco bar. The one with 12 different pisco infusions made with muddled fresh berries, herbs and spices. If you’re thinking “challenge accepted”—yes.

Come here around sundown and grab a table on the outdoor terrace with a group of raw-fish aficionados. The menu here is similar to what you’ll find at their other spots: lomo saltado. Ceviche bowls. The Tuna Furay roll topped with huancaina sauce. Stuff that pairs well with a certain Peruvian brandy.

Hey, if it ain’t broke... add pisco.

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