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Cereal: a breakfast food usually made from grain.

Cookie: a sweet baked food that is usually small, flat, round and made from flour and sugar.

Cereal-cookie: f**king brilliant.

As evidenced by the Cereal-Cookie Flight, an assortment of cookies (like oatmeal) baked with your favorite child-/now-hood cereals (like Fruity Pebbles), available now at Ratio Bakeshop in Avondale Estates.

Five cookies laced with cereal. That’s what you’ve got here. Nothing more, nothing less:

1) Cocoa Puffs Chocolate Chip.

2) Fruity Pebbles White-Chocolate Oatmeal.

3) Cinnamon Toast Crunch Snickerdoodle.

4) Reese’s Puffs Peanut Butter.

5) Froot Loop Sugar Cookie.

No spoons. No milk. Just deliciousness.

It all started when the owner (you can call him... Chris) had a stroke of confectionary genius and produced a Froot Loop–filled sugar cookie. It all continued when he realized he owed it to the world to explore this further. The result: yep.

Anyway, there are a few ways to get your hands on some (delivery or pickup for starters), but your best bet may just be to track Chris down at the Brookhaven and Grant Park farmers’ markets this weekend.

Or just follow your nose. It always knows.


Cereal-Cookie Flight
available at Ratio Bakeshop
215 Laredo Dr
Decatur, GA, 30030


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