The Small Screen

Video Belt Buckle

As TVs get cheaper and smaller, they've started popping up everywhere.

Tube in your shower? Done.

Flat screen on your ceiling? Yawn.

Unless you've got a 60-inch plasma on your back, you aren't going to turn many heads.

Well, one step at a time. Egokast has just unveiled their new mp4 video belt, with a 3-inch screen for a buckle. Perfect for those chasing the "multimedia cowboy" look, the buckle will cycle through video at 30 frames per second, with loops of up to three hours.

The possibilities are endless. Why not have the last ten minutes of Scarface playing in an infinite loop while holding up your pants? Psyched for football season? Here's your chance to show how much.

The belt will run for six hours straight without charging, giving you just enough time to watch that TiVo'd Entourage on the cab ride home. But good luck explaining to the cabbie why you're taking off your belt.

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