Genaro’s Mexican Cuisine

’Naro Margin

Scallops. Lamb Shanks. Tequila. Patio.

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Another new Mexican place in town. You know the drill:

Saffron linguine, lamb shanks and one sexy patio.

Yep, like we said, just another new Mexican place.

Bienvenido a Genaro’s Mexican Cuisine, a neighborhood hangout you’ll enlist for seared scallops, margaritas and extended patio sessions, opening tomorrow night at Mockingbird and Abrams.

Right, so it’s really more of a “Mexican” spot—you’ll see chicken enchiladas on the menu. You’ll see blue leather booths, glowing lamps and a hand-cut stone bar that opens to a welcoming patio. Nice enough. Nothing’s amiss so far. But then: those dressed-up lamb shanks make an appearance. Somebody next to you orders the saffron linguine. And someone at your table points out the existence of spicy mussels...

So bring dates here. Bring friends here. Bring anyone here who’s good company when huddled around red-pepper-tequila-sauced ribeye steaks and frequent doses of agave. Relax, eat, drink, nod your head to the (non-mariachi-ish) music and just kind of keep doing what you’re doing. It’s working.

And when dinner turns to thoughtful discourse on añejo tequilas, it’s time to hit that patio, with 1,500 square feet dedicated to low-key, sit-and-stay-awhile alfresco pursuits.

Tequila. Pursuits means tequila.


Genaro’s Mexican Cuisine
6465 E Mockingbird Ln, Ste 200
Dallas, TX, 75214


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