High Yoon

Like a Ski That You Sit On

None Lindsey Vonn. Alberto Tomba. Lane from Better Off Dead.

Great skiers, all.

Also: they would all sit if they could.

Now they can. (So can you.) Enter the Yooner, a new sled out of France that’s basically a short ski with a seat mounted on it, available now just as the dipping temps have you thinking about snow.

Maybe you’re planning a winter weekend trip to Pennsylvania or West Virginia. Or maybe you’re just hoping for a well-timed snow day, and with it the chance to careen down Meridian Hill. In either case, you’re going to want to one-up everyone by busting this thing out.

You’ll take your position on the seat, just a few inches above the snow. Grab the handle, get your balance and you’re off. Should you have to glide over an obstacle, the thing’s got shock absorbers built in. Or if it gets really urgent (a fellow sledder in your path), just yank back on the handle to brake.

But mostly, the stainless-steel ski will do the work, as you let it carve just as you would on a regular pair of skis.

Note: you probably don’t want to take this on a double black diamond.

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