Like Clockwork

An Alarm Clock That Tells You Everything

None The best part of waking up is ________.

If you answered “Folgers in your cup,” first of all, no. Second of all... no.

Because actually, the best part of waking up is knowing that you have exactly 19,915 days to keep enjoying things like deep-fried enchiladas.

So thoroughly analyze the data on ALARMclock, a clock that wakes you up with all the information you need to start your day (yup, that includes your remaining days on earth), available for preorder now on Kickstarter for delivery in January.

Basically, this thing looks just like a retro alarm clock—dark bamboo box, old-school two-bit LED screen. Does things like displaying the time and waking you up, but...

Here’s the thing. Instead of just getting you up with the sound of seagulls baring their souls, it also gives you a visual rundown of three pieces of data: 1) how much money you have (like, your 401(k) balance), 2) how many friends you have (your social network data) and 3) your life expectancy (how many days you have left until your last enchilada).

Just send your information to the clock through an app that you download to your desktop, phone or tablet. And soon, you’ll be able to program other pieces of data, like box-office receipts and deforestation rates.

Or... not.

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