Grain Trust

Baked Goods Made from Beer Grains. Sure.

None Quick, jump in your car.

You in there yet?

Great. Now look around and ask yourself how you’re going to go on a road trip without any beer granola bars in there.


Arm your vehicle accordingly with ReGrained, the only proof you’ll ever need that it’s totally possible to make delicious granola bars out of the malted barley and grains left over from a freshly brewed batch of beer, available online now.

In short, these are beer-grain granola bars. In long, these are the brainchild of two homebrewers who were like, “We waste a lot of grains when we’re done using them for brewing purposes, we should make baked goods out of those instead.” So they did. So there you go.

Your choices are twofold. Honey-Almond IPA and Chocolate-Coffee Stout. They don’t taste like beer or anything. They just taste like honey and almonds and chocolate and coffee. But deep down, you know you’re eating beer.

You know that when you walk into that convenience store just before hitting the open road, you can look that clerk in the eyes and tell him exactly where he can put his row after row of delicious snacks.

Or just politely ask for some Big Red and be on your way.

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