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Repeat after us:

“Today I want a burger, some fries and a beer.”

Oh, you want a burger, some fries and a beer?

Well, here’s Liberty Burger, a casual neighborhood hang for precisely that, just opened in Lakewood.

Sounds convenient. Sounds like lunch. Let’s run the numbers to see how it stacks up.

Liberty Burgers that exist in Dallas: 3
Conveniently located Liberty Burgers that exist in Dallas and are decked out in reclaimed woods, metal chairs and hand-welded light fixtures: 1 (this one)
Pieces of abstract wall art created by live chickens: 3
Conversations you’ll start with that bit of info: 2
Number of wood-and-metal stools at the bar: 10
Number of beer taps at the bar: 12
Percentage of taps that are pouring locals: 91.67%
Percentage of taps that aren’t: TBD (they’re currently taking requests for the 12th tap)
Burgers on the menu named after the restaurant: 1
Burgers on the menu named after you: 0... but subject to change
Burgers on the menu that are topped with ham, eggs and hash browns: 1 (the Nooner)
Number of hangovers you’ll cure with the Nooner: all


Liberty Burger
1904 Abrams Pkwy
Dallas, TX, 75214


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