What About Bob

A Candy-Colored Room Filled with Kebabs

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Oh God.

Everything’s on a stick here.

It’s a place where everything is served on sticks.

Just... here, meet Bob, a laid-back new kebab-ery that’s stuffing beer-soaked brats and meatballs and everything else onto skewers and feeding them to you for lunch, opening Saturday in the Irwin Street Market.

Bob. Kebab. You see what they did there.

Moving on. It’s in the Irwin Street Market, right next to Jake’s Ice Cream (which makes sense, seeing as how Jake is one-third of the team behind this place). The walls are turquoise. The “Bob” sign is made out of Broadway-style lightbulbs. And the whole place is lined with photos of non-meat-related Bobs (Hope, Marley, Seger...).

Swinging through here alone: totally acceptable. Especially since they can make your order in as fast as 30 seconds. Just walk in, bank left and head for the counter. Ponder your options.

There’s the Bob Marley with Jamaican jerk chicken, pineapples and poblanos. The Bob Newhart with grilled shrimp, sweet potatoes and braised onions. And, of course, a bunch of Bobdogs. Which are essentially a bunch of different sausages jammed onto sticks.

Which... you saw coming.

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