iFly Dallas

Gonna Fly Now

An Institute for Indoor Skydiving

None We hope your Halloween costume is still in good condition.

Because you’re going to need that cape.

Say Geronimo for iFly Dallas, the place you’ll go to when you’re looking to skydive... minus the whole plane and free-fall and risk-of-dying thing, taking reservations now and opening November 27.

So there’s this building. And inside that building is a glass-walled silo. And inside that glass-walled silo is a massive fan that’s powerful enough to create a giant wind tunnel with gusts in excess of 175 miles per hour. You go in there. Voluntarily. And that’s iFly Dallas.

Begin by making a reservation. Then, arrive an hour early so you can check in, attend a training session, sign a waiver (you knew there’d be a waiver) and change into one of their aerodynamic flight suits. Or, you know, bring your own.

All that’s left to do now: step inside that silo, bid farewell to gravity and float. Keep floating. Float some more. Maybe try a backflip or something. Pause for a minute to consider future third-date implications.

Okay, break over. Back to floating.


iFly Dallas
8380 State Highway 121
Frisco, TX, 75034

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