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Yeah, sweatpants.

Kind of controversial.

On the one hand, unbelievably comfortable.

On the other hand... they’re sweatpants.

Enter Todd Snyder...

And City Gym, a Nolita locker room of natty sweatshirts and pants and knitted handsomeness, now open.

This place is a collaboration between a guy who makes really sharp habiliments (that would be Mr. Snyder) and a heritage brand that’s made excellent athletic apparel since 1919 (that would be Champion). You’ll find three kinds of things here:

1. Athletic stuff
Not moisture-wicking, outer-space-tested gear. Just handsome crewneck sweatshirts, T-shirts, even PF Flyers (“guaranteed to make a kid run faster and jump higher”). It’s like what Jack Dempsey would’ve worn to CrossFit class.

2. After-the-gym stuff
You’ll find some of Mr. Snyder’s regular line in the place (jeans, button-down shirts), as well as varsity jackets from Golden Bear. All of which should make it easy to channel Redford in The Natural or Cruise swatting softballs in A Few Good Men.

3. The other stuff
Literally everything is available for purchase here. The lockers. The vintage punching bags (via ABC Home). That handsome Shinola bike on the front table and the Stephen Kenn couch made from belts and World War II–era military fabric.

There’s no better workout than biking a couch home.


City Gym
242 Elizabeth St
(between Prince and Houston)
New York, NY, 10012


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