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A New Italian Spot from the Big Ketch Guys

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Italian words are fun to say.




But if they happen to be directed at another human, and if pasta, meatballs and beer start arriving after you say them...

Well, that’s fun, too.

Perfect your accent at Osteria Cibo Rustico, a very casual, very Italian new spot best used for drinking Chianti, eating pasta and feeling like a better person after doing those things, opening Wednesday in the Toco Hills Shopping Center.

This is from the guys behind Milton’s and the Big Ketch. And yeah, it’s in a shopping center. So keep it casual when you come in here.

Meet someone at the tiny, dimly lit bar. Get some prosciutto and olives and prosecco. Talk about moving over to that big table in the center of the dining room with the rope chandelier above it. Then actually make that move and talk about something way more exciting. Like the fusilli with fennel sausage and pistachios you’re eating. Or puppies.

They’ll only be open for dinner for now. But once lunch starts in a couple weeks, feel free to grab a seat on the patio and do the alfresco-meatball-sandwich-and-draft-Peroni thing.

It’s what Italy would want.

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