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Three Glorious Levels of Cocktailing

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You’re a happy fool.

Let us explain.

See, you thought rooftop season was over.

And, well...

Tonight, The Skylark opens. It’s three floors of rooftop cocktailing for all seasons in the Garment District. Right now, buckle down and soak up the knowledge:

It’ll be a pillar of the post-work fashion community.
It’s basically the only thing in the area, and it’s, in part, from the man behind Jimmy at the James and the Lambs Club. Expect miles of legs and lots of black. And expect to perfect your soulful, contemplative bar-sitting act.

It’s... more than a rooftop.
Only one floor is technically a rooftop. That’ll be heated for special occasions for the rest of the year, and ready for prime time come spring. For now, occupy the main bar level one floor below (more of a penthouse), with its panoramic Manhattan views (strong best-in-city consideration) and 10-person tufted-velvet lounge sofas.

There’s a grilled-lemon ice cube.
It’s part of the Fort Knox, a bourbon-reposado-yellow-Chartreuse-honey-syrup concoction put together by Johnny Swet (of Jimmy and Rogue & Canon fame).

It’s a sleeper for high-stakes pool games.
Along with a smaller private lounge on the 30th floor, the main bar floor’s got another private room with a pool table and southerly views clear to FiDi.

So yeah, decent joint.

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