Finders Keepers

This Is for Not Getting Lost in the Woods

None There’s good camping, and there’s bad camping.

Good camping:
sleeping warmly and safely inside your tent.

Bad camping: wandering away from camp, accidentally losing your tent and sleeping in a tree.

The takeaway: hopefully this thing...

It’s the Tent Finder Light, a remote-controlled, LED-lit beacon that you can leave in your tent and turn on from really far away for finding-your-way-home purposes, available online now.

This is pretty much the science version of leaving a trail of bread crumbs. Or the forest version of using a car alarm to find your car. Only instead of making noise or being delicious bread, it glows.

Anyway, there you are. In the wilderness. Setting up camp and trying not to yell obscenities at the f**king missing tent pole.

Eventually, you’ll be ready to leave home base. Go on a hike or eat berries or something. Just mount this thing on the inside wall of your tent and take the remote control with you. When you’re coming back, start clicking. Once the lamp is within a 160-foot range, your tent will start glowing. Go to her.

Yes, you can skip.

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