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Ribs and Brisket from a Hill Country Vet

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Certain things can be forgiven.

No, giving up 31 unanswered points in the fourth quarter is not one of them.

But a restaurant with almost nowhere to sit... yeah, that can be forgiven, if they’re willing to supply you with enough smoked meats to last you through the new year.

DCity Smokehouse, a new (mostly) takeout joint in Bloomingdale, is willing. They’re now open Tuesday through Saturday, plus taking preorders for Sunday pickup.

This is a bit like the BBQ joint where Kevin Spacey’s character hangs out in House of Cardstiny and unassuming, with a chef who knows his stuff.

In this case, it’s a former chef from Hill Country. His wood: hickory and cherry. His smoker: out in the back alley and resembling an old refrigerator. His meat: pretty much everything, from 15-hour brisket to green-chili-rubbed wings.

If it’s a quick bite you’re after, grab one of the four seats and summon a pork-belly-and-turkey sandwich, or maybe fried chicken and red velvet waffles.

But the bolder plan is to invite a few friends over for Game 6 tomorrow night and carry out heaps of dry-rubbed ribs, pulled pork, brisket chili and cumin fries.

Nothing goes with bearded infielders like cumin fries.

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