Ghoul Days

Five Options for Halloween Revelry

It’s time to take a break from filming that grainy, found-footage horror movie of yours and focus on something important—like where to celebrate All Hallows’ Eve. Herewith, five options to do just that. Don’t forget to share your peanut butter cups.

Edgar Allan Poe + Sherry = This

Edgar Allan Poe + Sherry = This

At Derek Brown’s sherry bar, you can watch a reenactment of Baltimore’s mysterious Poe grave site toast. Then you can hear a reading of “The Cask of Amontillado,” Poe’s cheery tale of a man being entombed in a wine cellar. Then you’ll probably want a glass of sherry.

Spirits in Black: Halloween Edition

Spirits in Black: Halloween Edition

2: Rooms in the Black Cat where this is taking place.
1: Misfits cover band playing in one room.
4: Metal-loving DJs spinning in the other room.
3: Metal-loving bartenders concocting spirits of the liquid kind.
1: Costume contest, in which the most demonic will likely win.

Oct 31, 8pm-2am, $5, The Black Cat, 1811 14th St NW, 202-667-4490

A ’90s Party at the Sphinx Club

A ’90s Party at the Sphinx Club

A quick refresher on the ’90s: there was a tech boom, people actually watched Friends, and there was an open bar. Well, no, but there is at this party at the Sphinx Club, which also features ’90s cover band White Ford Bronco. So wear some flannel. Or throw everyone off and dress like C+C Music Factory.

Going Full Eyes Wide Shut at Sax

Going Full <em>Eyes Wide Shut</em> at Sax

This lounge already has the market cornered on artsy, champagne-fueled burlesque performances. So naturally, this is the place if you’re looking to get all mysterious behind a masquerade mask. They’ll even throw one in with bottle service. Along with treats like candy-corn shooters. Which is less artsy.

Oct 31, 9pm-close, Sax, 734 11th St NW, 202-737-0101

Heroes, Villains and Bubbly at Kabin

Heroes, Villains and Bubbly at Kabin

There are those times when only a superhero can save you. Like when you really want bottle service. On Friday, this Alpine-themed lounge is turning into, well, a haunted Alpine-themed lounge. But fear not, because superhero-themed cocktails and superhero-themed waitresses await. Yes, use the bat signal.

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