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A fun personality quiz:

Your ideal Halloween costume is (choose one):

1) Funny.
2) Scary.
3) Hand-sewn by Italian tailors.
4) Edible.

No need to continue. You picked 3. (Though we saw you hesitate over 4.) So you’ll probably like this place: Frederick Lynn, an opulent showroom of opulent-er suits in the Gold Coast, taking appointments now.

First, the proprietor. Aaron. He’s been working privately for various corporate executives and high-profile types, but now he’s opened this place. He’s a gentleman obsessed with fabric and fit. Also, he’s quick to pour a scotch if you want one. In short: good guy.

Second, the showroom. It’s a lot like a Gold Coast home. Moldings. Fireplace. Full kitchen. If you want to have lunch waiting—or a private party—they’ll arrange that.

Third, the process. During your appointment, Aaron’ll guide you through his 10,000 fabrics, he’ll assess your particular suit/tuxedo/sport coat/power tie needs, and he’ll measure you. Then, the order is sent to one of their factories (one of which is in Italy). Six weeks or so later, bam, you’re looking sharp in a new suit at the office holiday party.

Tip: keep it away from the eggnog.


Frederick Lynn
9 E Huron St
(between Wabash and State)
Chicago, IL, 60611


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