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Well, Now There’s a Pallookaville Restaurant...

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When you think of carnivals, you either:

Have incredibly vivid waking nightmares about crazy-eyed murderous clowns chasing after you with comically oversize scissors.

Or get really hungry for corn dogs.

Here’s hoping it’s the latter.

Step right up for Pallookaville Fine Foods, a brick-and-mortar and gloriously weird version of that corn dog food truck you care so deeply for, aiming to open Thursday in Avondale Estates.

This is Jim Stacy’s new place. Yes, the Jim Stacy who drank whiskey with Jason Sudeikis on Leno and who occasionally judges competitive deep-fried-food shows. We don’t know any other Jim Stacys.

Anyway, this is just like his corn dog truck, only it’s a restaurant. That looks like a carnival—so funhouse ornaments and old circus posters on the wall, bright-colored chairs to sit in and cartoons on the TVs. Great, now let’s eat some chili-cheese funnel cake and Polish kielbasa Corndogskis.

Also, when you see waitresses wearing soda jerk hats and lab coats, flag ’em down. They’re the ones who’ll get you the moonshine milkshakes.

And more napkins or whatever.

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