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Crabs and Beer on McKinney Ave

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Some things require a lot of convincing.

Other things are snow crabs.

Turn your attention to Shell Shack, a little seafood-and-beer joint that’ll have you tearing open crabs with your bare hands, now open on McKinney Ave.

This isn’t your typical no-frills seaside shanty. For starters: no sea. But also: no shanty. Because the inside’s sporting a full bar, neon-chalked walls and a bunch of flat-screens. And the exterior... is a patio. You’re familiar with the concept.

Now, you could just order a dozen oysters and a catfish basket and call it a day. But you came here for one thing. Crabs. Namely, a giant plastic bag loaded with snow crabs, corncobs, potatoes and spicy seasoning. Before you dump it all out on the butcher-paper-covered table, a waitress will tie a shirt-protecting bib around your neck.

But in the event that looking like you just murdered a couple crustaceans doesn’t jive with your evening plans, they’ve got a solution: a shower-like contraption with a couple arm holes that’ll wash you thoroughly from the elbows down.

You could also wear gloves.


Shell Shack
2916 McKinney Ave
Dallas, TX, 75204


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