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An Experimental Supper Club Arrives in Atlanta

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Every night that you aren’t having dinner in an abandoned church surrounded by complete strangers and probably some sort of stuffed-pheasant situation is a night wasted.

Or a really rainy Monday or something, but still...

Prepare to experiment with Dinner Lab, a members-only supper club that boils down to a bunch of clandestine meals in increasingly unexpected locations, accepting Atlanta members now.

So this thing started in NOLA. “Thing” being a supper club that runs one-night-only restaurants with upstart chefs in undisclosed locations (think motorcycle dealerships and paper mills). And “NOLA” being a common abbreviation for New Orleans, Louisiana.

Anyway, you’ll want to go ahead and sign up now. Like right now. Because they’re only accepting 300 members. Which if you’re doing the math... is not a whole hell of a lot.

Then, when the suppers start after the new year, you’ll be able to reserve two spots at whichever of the six to eight monthly dinners you desire in whichever of their 10 participating cities you’d prefer.

We’re thinking Atlanta would be the most convenient.

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