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Two New Burger Joints, Broken Down

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It’s a golden age we’re living in. Well, a golden age of burgers, anyway. The latest evidence: not one, but two new burger places—the Korean-born Kraze Burgers (pictured), just opened on Barracks Row, and the homegrown Bolt Burgers, opening in early November. Below, a point-by-point breakdown...

The Vibe
Kraze Burgers: Exposed brick, arty photos of people eating burgers, a small bar... and full table service everywhere.
Bolt Burgers: Red-and-white tile and glass everywhere. A counter where you’ll order, and lots of stools where you’ll sit.
The Edge: Kraze. We’ll take table service over waiting in line.

The Burgers
Kraze Burgers: Angus burgers, topped with stuff liked grilled pineapple, giant onion rings and cream cheese.
Bolt Burgers: Also Angus beef, in forms like the Mr. Truffleupagus (truffled pecorino, grilled mushrooms) or spiked with five different relishes and/or yellow curry.
The Edge: Bolt. Always opt for burgers inspired by Sesame Street.

The Other Stuff
Kraze Burgers: The Bulgogi Burger (more like marinated ribeye), shakes, chili cheese fries and—in coming weeks—a full liquor license.
Bolt Burgers: Grilled cheese, smoothies from their smoothie bar and beers like Dogfish 90 Minute IPA.
The Edge: Push. When you’re chasing beer with milkshakes, it’s hard to lose.


<p><b>Kraze Burgers<br /></b>415 8th St SE<br />(between Pennsylvania Ave and E St)<br />Washington, DC 20003<br />202-290-3618<br /><a href="" target="_blank">official website<br /><br /></a><b><span style="font-family:&quot;Georgia&quot;,&quot;serif&quot;">Bolt Burgers<br /></span></b><span style="font-family:&quot;Georgia&quot;,&quot;serif&quot;">1010 Massachusetts Ave NW<br /><o:p></o:p></span><span style="font-family:&quot;Georgia&quot;,&quot;serif&quot;">(at 10th St and L St)<br /><o:p></o:p></span><span style="font-family:&quot;Georgia&quot;,&quot;serif&quot;">Washington, DC 20001<br /><o:p></o:p></span><span style="font-family:&quot;Georgia&quot;,&quot;serif&quot;">410-827-9002<br /><o:p></o:p><a href="" target="_blank">official website</a></span><a href="" target="_blank"></a></p>


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