Things to do for October 17, 2013

The Weekender

Juicing, Art and Mission Chinese

The weekend is calling. Will you accept the charges?

UD - Art and Pool at Lit Lounge

Art and Pool at Lit Lounge

East Village drinking treasure Lit Lounge once had a space called Fuse Gallery. You could see and buy new art. Now it’s gone. Get over it. Because Fuse Room’s here. It’s basically Fuse Gallery, but with a bunch of murals. Also a pool table. Progress marches on.

UD - The Easiest Way to Get Mission Chinese

The Easiest Way to Get Mission Chinese

Hours you might wait for a table at Mission Chinese: 4
Odds you’d wait that long, even if a bad kung-pao-pastrami craving hit: 10:1
Odds you can now just have it handed to you at your door: 1:1
Chance you’re smiling right now: 100%

Now delivering, Mission Chinese Food, 154 Orchard St (between Rivington and Stanton), 212-529-8800

UD - Le Bilboquet Is Back

Le Bilboquet Is Back

You’re familiar with the phrase “back with a vengeance.” Like when an Upper East Side French institution—say, Le Bilboquet—closes, and then opens back up in a sexy new spot with twice the space. That would be a prime example.

UD - European Handsomeness in SoHo

European Handsomeness in SoHo

COS: H&M’s much nicer passion project. But you can’t get it here. Or you couldn’t, anyway—Opening Ceremony’s brought some handsome cashmere sweaters and wool topcoats from the much-coveted brand stateside. No word on if it’s duty-free.

Through Nov 10, COS Pop-Up at Opening Ceremony, 35 Howard St (between Crosby and Broadway), 212-219-2688

UD - Melvin’s Juice, Now at the Dream

Melvin’s Juice, Now at the Dream

Melvin’s Juice Box [melvəz dʒs bɑːks]
proper noun, plural, Melvin’s Juice Boxes
1. A Miss Lily’s juice offshoot capable of wiping out the negative effects of a previous night’s non-juice drinking. Now open in a large new space at the Dream Downtown. Coincidentally, where many such nights have occurred.

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