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This Thing Will Keep You Alive

None Nobody cares about you like we do.

It’s why we found you this... little black plastic thingy.

Take a hike for Pulse, a tiny activity monitor that’ll tell you everything you ever wanted to know about your health but couldn’t figure out because you’re not a super-computer, available now.

Yes, this is another little gizmo that monitors your every footstep, heartbeat, calorie burned and hour slept. But this one does it better. Faster. And in the form of a tiny, eight-gram rectangle that doesn’t require a wristband. (But there is a wristband.)

So say—hypothetically—that you’re preemptively attacking your New Year’s resolution. Slip this into your pocket. Then, walk: it counts your steps. Climb some stairs: it tracks your elevation. And if you wear it to bed, it’ll even tell you how well you slept. Yes, there’s a stat for that.

Then, sync it with your smartphone. It’s compatible with 100 different apps, so pick a favorite, and use that to observe your general fitness level and identify any unhealthy habits you might have.

Feel free to ignore those.

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