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Tagines and Hookahs at Trinity Groves

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If you only read one thing about life-changing Moroccan tagine today...

A. It should be this.
B. You may need to update your RSS feed or something.

Set your elbows squarely on the table for Souk, a colorful bazaar for sharing lamb tagine and post-dinner hookahs, opening Friday night at Trinity Groves.

Yup, Trinity Groves again. The hits just keep on coming. And the latest: a lively spot full of sheer drapes, plush banquettes and an open kitchen. The latter has a Moroccan/Spanish/French/Portuguese thing happening, which fortunately translates to wood-fired flatbreads, beef kebabs and giant paella feasts.

Your play here would be gathering some friends around a low-slung table and ordering a few of everything. Marinated olives and a char-grilled-calamari salad to start. Then a chicken shawarma flatbread and lamb tagine, which, just spitballing here, would go nicely with some Moroccan wine. So get some Moroccan wine.

And once your dinner’s coming to a close, well, you could do the usual thing and leave. No shame in that. But... hookahs on the patio.

This is not a hard decision.

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