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Betting on the Ponies. Eating Foie Gras. Here.

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Not sure if you noticed, but we’re halfway through October.

Time to get outside. Wave hi to your friendly European snowbird. And then... drive out of town. To commune with nature. And some sashimi.

Related: POC Modern American Cuisine, a sleek new lair of post-horse-racing sushi and foie, is now open at the Village at Gulfstream Park.

Yup, Gulfstream Park. Horses, betting, cocktailing. You know the drill. Anyway, this spot’s great after a day spent at the races. Put a couple of bucks on Hay Good Looking, and when it’s all said and done, walk over to this polished, modern-day pagoda to celebrate/commiserate at the bar. Preferably with a cold martini.

And you know what goes great with vodka: food. Specifically, sushi. The stuff here comes to you from a former Nobu chef. So opting for something like the Ultimate JB roll (smoked salmon, Asian pear, caviar) is probably a solid move.

Oh, also: keep this one in your back pocket as an out-of-the-way date spot. One where you can split a bottle of wine and tuck into some seared foie gras and pan-roasted duck breast away from the usual suspects.

Although the horses should really mind their own business.


POC Modern American Cuisine
at the Village at Gulfstream Park
600 Silks Run, Ste 1210
Hallandale Beach, FL, 33009


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