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Food Truck Fight: Misha’s Kitchen vs. Woké

Last month, a couple new food trucks rolled into town. Misha’s Kitchen (it’s a Russian situation) and Woké (an Asian-stir-fry truck from, yup, Belgium). So we’ve pitted them against each other in the name of due diligence. And lunch.

The Trucks
Misha’s Kitchen: One very red paint job. Covered in a bunch of very Russian motifs. Like nesting dolls. And the Kremlin.
Woké: It’s green and white and orange and soothing.
Edge: Push. You don’t judge a food truck by its cover.

The Backstory
Misha’s Kitchen: Dallas didn’t have a Russian food truck. Now, Dallas has a Russian food truck.
Woké: Asian concept. From Belgium. In Dallas.
Edge: Misha’s. New is always better. Or at least newer.

The Parking Spots
Misha’s Kitchen: Up north, mostly. But later this fall it’s making appearances at Community Beer Company.
Woké: Find these guys on Mondays in the Arts District. Thursdays at the Truck Yard.
Edge: Woké. It’s like they’re following you.

The Staples
Misha’s Kitchen: Pierogies. Potato pancakes. Open-faced caviar sandwiches.
Woké: Pick your base (noodles or rice). Add some veggies, protein and a stir-fry sauce.
Edge: Misha’s. Caviar sandwiches = trump card.

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