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Your Life. In Charts and Graphs.

None Mark Twain said there are lies, damned lies and statistics.

But he’s been dead for a while. These days, it’s all about stats. Most of them are even true. In fact, you could use some more of them on yourself.

So this should be right up your alley: Trackthisforme, a new app for the web and Android that keeps a running record of just about anything you want to keep a running record of, available now.

Basically, if Nate Silver wanted to keep tabs on how many cups of coffee he has every day (or how many pundits he insults), he’d probably use something exactly like this.

The interface is pretty easy—you just create categories, then set yourself a reminder to enter data for those categories each day (how many sit-ups completed, how many hours of sleep enjoyed, how many olives in your martini). Pretty soon, you’ll start seeing some visual evidence of just what you’re doing with yourself: line graphs, pie charts, whatever.

You can also note, from one to five stars, how satisfied you were with your performance on a given day.

Nothing like a little self-pat on the back for that extra episode of Law & Order you took in.

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