Climate Control

An App for Navigating the Local Weather

None If you like piña coladas...

And getting caught in the rain...

Well, that’s great. Maybe find a dune on the cape or something.

But on the off chance you don’t enjoy getting stuck in a monsoon...

Meet Climate Clock, a really good-looking analog-clock app that relays hourly weather reports for up to 10 cities, available now for iPhone.

If you’re looking for a barometric-pressure reading around the patio you’ll be drinking on later tomorrow... well, maybe call in a favor from NOAA. But you can turn to this app for some really attractive hourly weather data pulled from It’s like a pocket-size Lissette Gonzalez. Or Al Roker. Hey, whatever works.

What you’ve got here is your basic analog clock. You remember those. Except for each hour on there, you’ll see a number that corresponds to: 1) temperature, 2) percent chance of rain or 3) wind gusts. The bottom of the screen will tell you which number you’re looking at—just tap it to toggle between the three. See, weather.

Oh, and those different backgrounds: they’re not just easy on the eyes. They’re functional. They change with the weather and time of day, and grow darker/lighter during sunset and sunrise.

And they said weather couldn’t be romantic.

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