Erwin Win

Some Really Nice Shoes from the Internet

Every great journey begins with a single step.

And every step is considerably more comfortable in calfskin-leather shoes.

Introduce yourself to Jack Erwin, a humble new cobbling operation that’s making some really beautiful, really leathery things to swaddle your feet in, online now.

This is the story of two guys. Neither named Jack nor Erwin. But both of whom love shoes so much that they traveled to Portugal and had some old-world cobblers craft the very best wingtips and cap-toe oxfords known to man. And then they came back to the states and created a website to sell those shoes on.

Okay, this is where you come in. Because you’re going to go to this website, you’re going to peruse their five available options, and you’re going to acquire something. Maybe the monk strap shoes to wear with a new suit. Or the ankle boots to wear to a bar. Or the loafers to wear on a date.

Or one of the other two styles we didn’t just mention.

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