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Haircuts and Vintage Boots in Pilsen

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It can move mountains.

It can conquer all.

It can... put a barbershop in a vintage clothing store. We’ll explain...

Welcome to Market Supply Co, a store with lots of curated vintage gear and a guy who does haircuts, now open in Pilsen.

So here’s the romantic backstory behind this place. Two of the three owners met last year during the Northern Grade shopping event in town. She was a Heritage bicycle model named Karyn... who sold women’s vintage clothing online. He was a Minnesota barber named Mike with a curly mustache and his own vintage shop. They fell in love. He moved to Chicago. They opened this joint.

What you’ll find here: stuff that’ll come in handy on your next camping trip. Or your next visit to Soldier Field. Think: canvas duck cloth hunting jackets. Red Wing boots made in the ’90s in tribute to Eric Clapton, called Clapton Classics. Super-warm Faribault blankets out of Minnesota. You get the idea.

But if you’re feeling a little shaggy, take a seat in that 100-year-old barber chair in back and let Mike fix you up. His specialty: the old-school high-and-tight haircut.

Which is sort of like vintage hair.


Market Supply Co
1747 S Halsted St
(at 18th)
Chicago, IL, 60608


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