Proposition Chicken

Compromising Proposition

Fried Chicken and Chocolate Eggs on Market

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If you could vote on this insane shutdown thing, you would.

But the most important ballot in your immediate future is about fried chicken.

Cast a decisive vote for Proposition Chicken, a bold exercise in functional democracy positing birds that are either fried, flipped or fake, opening next Tuesday.

Now that Breaking Bad is over, you’re on a pretty intense mission to find your next binge-watch—and here’s the takeout to fuel your research. Walk past the red chairs to the Douglas-fir counter. Note the shelves of hot sauce behind chicken wire, and the nine-foot neon chicken. They... went full-chicken here.

As for your order: there’s a faux ballot on the wall presenting your options. You don’t have to fill anything out, just let them know how you want it—fried, flipped or fake (flipped is rotisserie, fake is tofu), and on a kale salad or in a toasted roll. If you’ve got some random series starring Benedict Cumberbatch waiting at home, off you go.

Alternate scenario: it’s 1:30am on a Friday night, you’ve been out meeting some new tequilas, and you just want to sit down for a fried-chicken sandwich and a housemade Cadbury egg.

Tough to know which comes first.


Proposition Chicken
1750 Market St
(near Octavia)
San Francisco, CA, 94102


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