Dream Spirit

Just a Dream-Recording Alarm Clock App

None Last night, you had a dream.

It was important. It was profound. It was life-changing. It was...

Damn. You lost it.

Never again with Shadow, an alarm clock app that records your dreams so you don’t forget them before your feet hit the floor, available for preorder now.

If you had a personal therapist whose job was to gently wake you up and listen to your dreams, that’d basically be this thing. Also, that’d be a pretty great gig for that person.

Just set it at night like a normal alarm. Then sleep and stuff. In the morning, it’ll start gradually increasing in volume until you’ve cracked your eyes open. Then it’ll immediately prompt you to speak, type or answer questions about your dreams. It’ll analyze. It’ll scrutinize.

And when it’s done doing all of that, it’ll give you an analytical breakdown as to why you just dreamt about pruning a banana shrub.

Oh, and they’re in the final developmental stages right now, so you’ll have to hang tight until it’s ready in a few months.

No dreaming until then.

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