Foie Gras Bourbon Shake

Served Up

A Bourbon Shake. With Foie Gras. Yes.

None Two things to note before engaging in a fling:

1. It should be short-lived.
2. It should have a touch of crazy.
2a. “Crazy” may or may not include the following: eggs, foie gras and bendy straws.

Hey, no judgment.

And with that, we thought you might want to take a look at a special off-menu cocktail called the Foie Gras Bourbon Shake, quietly being served at Swine this weekend only.

Here’s how this whole thing is going to play out. You’ll stride into Swine and casually saunter up to the bar. Confidently nod in the direction of your barkeep, Rob, and order a Bite the Bulleit. That’s code for: “That shake drink with bourbon and foie gras.” You can also just ask for that shake drink with bourbon and foie gras.

Basically, it involves shaking up some Bulleit 10-year bourbon, biscotti liqueur, mole bitters, Left Hand Milk Stout and a whole egg and pouring it into a glass. Then, the resulting cocktail wizardry is topped with foie gras ice cream and garnished with an oversize bendy straw or two (hey, whatever floats your foie).

As for taste, well, it’s kind of like iced coffee... that’s been topped with a rich, fatty dollop of duck-liver cream.

Better luck next weekend, pumpkin spice.


Foie Gras Bourbon Shake
available at Swine
2415 Ponce de Leon Blvd
Coral Gables, FL, 33134

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