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Decatur Has a Korean-Southern Diner Now

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If you search for the definition of Southern food, you’ll get something like...

Southern food is the culinary form of states extending south of the Mason-Dixon Line and west to Texas.[1] And in rare cases, extending east to Korea.[2]

1. Wikipedia.
2. Sobban, a foreign-yet-familiar Korean-Southern diner from the Heirloom Market BBQ team (and yes, at least one member of that team is a chef from South Korea), opening tomorrow in Decatur.

Where this is: On an unassuming strip of Clairmont Road. Look for a big red tunnel into the future (okay, it’s an oddly shaped roof) jutting out over the patio. If the Jetsons lived in not-the-future, they... well, you get it.

When you’re going: Tomorrow at 11am. Or anytime you’re running errands and decide eating Pork Chop Donkatsu slathered in hot peach mustard sauce would be more productive than banking.

When else you’re going: After work. You’re parched. Get some brown rice green tea. Or don’t get that at all and get some South Korean Hite lagers on the patio instead.

When you’re not going: Sundays and Mondays (they’re closed). Also, when you’re heading to a black-tie cocktail party with a date after dinner. Yeah, it’s casual.

Or just wear a tear-away tuxedo.


1788 Clairmont Rd
Decatur, GA, 30033


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