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Ribeyes and Truffled Scrambled Eggs in Brickell

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We’re not here to tell you how to go about your date nights.

Okay. That’s not exactly true.

So, a suggestion for your next one...

Orange trees. Sea bream. Wine. Brickell.

Here to help: Lippi, an elegant Mediterranean enclave... with a conveniently situated citrus-tree-lined terrace, now open.

If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if a former Palme d’Or chef got together with a Zuma partner to open a restaurant, this is your answer. And if you haven’t wondered that, well... we just saved you the trouble.

Their new spot: sexy. In that effortless, European kind of way—soft beige walls, plush vignette seating and an oversize onyx bar. It’s the kind of place you might step into with a comely stranger for a low-lit intimate night. Or maybe just to eat some truffled scrambled eggs.

Languid outdoor business lunches on the shaded terrace: sure, you could do those here. The silver-weakfish ceviche and farro salad would work nicely. Returning at night for a 26-ounce, bone-in ribeye: yup, that could work, too. Though that’s more of a four-top-under-a-massive-chandelier type of undertaking. One where a bottle from their 350-strong cellar might come into play.

Correction: will come into play.

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