Range Is Good

This Will Help You Cook for Your Date

None Picture someone attractive.

That’s the easy part.

Now picture someone attractive coming over to your place for a home-cooked dinner.

That’s the hard part.

Except no it’s not. Because... this:

It’s Range, a new piece of culinary weaponry that employs your smartphone to monitor the temperature of herb-and-garlic-roasted lamb legs and burgers and Maine lobst... (fine, it’s a fancy thermometer), available for preorder now.

If you need us to tell you how to stick a thermometer into food, stop reading, turn around and walk away. Otherwise, just know that this is a convenient and science-y way to monitor the core temperature of whatever you’re cooking.

First, choose a thermometer. There’s one that’s better for baking. One that’s better for steaks. Just depends on what you’re trying to accomplish, really. Then, put on a power ballad and eat a grape. That’ll be sexy. Finally, download the corresponding app, insert the thermometer into the meat and let the heat-tested cord relay protein-related information to your phone.

Like alarm and text alerts that remind you when dinner’s ready. And analytical line charts so you can replicate specific cook time and temperatures in the future.

Analytical line charts and dinner dates. That may have just happened.

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