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Two Stories’ Worth of Tequila and Steak

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6 Photos Mesero Miguel
None 6 Photos Mesero Miguel
Mashed potatoes and creamed spinach.

For years, you just assumed that’s what goes with a steak.

But that’s probably just because you never realized tomatillo chicken enchiladas were an option.

Say hola/hello to Mesero Miguel, a Mexican/American hybrid from Mico Rodriguez (Mi Cocina, Mr Mesero), now open on Henderson Ave.

Right, so it’s a best-of-both-worlds kind of place. Where you can top your steak with salsa and no one bats an eye. Or top your salsa with a steak and... Anyway, inside, you’ll find two stories of dark wood and brown leather. Plus an open kitchen on your left, where they’re churning out light things (sweet corn soup), crispy things (crab fritters) and ceviche things.

The dining room is on the first floor. So that’s where you’ll start. Grab one of those booths under the copper orb chandeliers and either some chorizo tacos or a ribeye to go with your ginger-mango margaritas. Either way, margaritas.

As for your post-meal maneuvers, consider that second floor. It’s where they’ve stashed a separate bar, a fireplace, a breezy terrace and all the dessert tequila.

There’s always room for dessert tequila.

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