Lucky Seven

A Sultry Bungalow for Cocktails and Risotto

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Well, it’s officially fall.

Which explains that crisp feeling in the air, the changing leaves and the dawning of sweater-vest season...

In Boise.

You’ll just have to make do with a sexy-as-all-get-out outdoor garden for your next date.

Hope that’s okay.

Meet Seven, an open-air oasis of cool cocktails, creamy risottos and sultry lounging, now open in the Design District.

This place is tucked behind two massive medieval-looking wooden doors. Inside: potted palms and pines, cozy banquettes and open skies overhead. If this sounds like it’s screaming “date night,” well, yeah. You should probably listen.

Dinner. On Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Those are your options here. This place is completely outdoors, so wear some linen (stuff breathes). Bring that aforementioned date and duck into one of the cushioned corner alcoves. Take in some of the live music. Eat forkfuls of steak tartare and scallop-and-brie risotto under the stars.

Afterward, track down the floating silver orbs in the back. That’s where the bar is. Your move: custom-made shots for dessert. Just give your friendly barkeep some flavor profiles (smoke, citrus, Pop-Tarts), your poison of choice (whiskey) and see where the whole thing takes you.

Good thing you pack light.

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