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Here comes the story of a famous physicist, who had a giant bowl of Asian noodles fall on his head.

Actually, no, it’s not about that.

Just about a new Asian noodle spot that shares its name with a physicist.

It’s called Newton’s Noodles, it’s a fast-casual-type place, and it just opened downtown.

First thing to know about this space: it’s huge by fast-casual standards, all done up in blond wood and green. So feel free to bring your laptop, hop on the wi-fi, spread out and get some off-site work done. Or stop by with a few people before your evening assault on Dupont’s finer drinking establishments.

Second thing to know: you’re calling the shots here. You’ll pick from the raw ingredients before you, like soba noodles, veggies, scallops and eggs. Specify your sriracha-fueled spice level (1 to 3). Then throw in some duck confit spring rolls or beef wontons on the side.

By the time you pick a table, they’ll be cooked and ready to eat. Or, we suppose, you can run experiments on the laws of motion with them.

A bowl of noodles in motion tends to stay in motion.


Newton’s Noodles
1129 20th St NW
(between L and M)
Washington, DC, 20036


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