Burn After Reading

Your Texts: Now Time Bombs

None Two words: exploding texts.

Two more words: here comes the part where we elaborate on what we mean by that and how, after reading this, you’re probably going to make some bad texting decisions, but it won’t matter anymore because now you’ve got this.


Right. Here’s Burn Note, a new app that lets you wipe texts off the face of the earth right after they’re read, available now for iPhone and Android.

A disappearing-text app. Snapchat for texting. Sure, you’ve seen these before. But now you’re seeing this one. You’re embracing the new. You’re realizing that texts and emails that start erasing the minute they’re opened are better than ones that don’t.

Download it. Then compose an email or a text. Like “See you soon.” Or “Had fun last night.” Or “Waterbeds. Am I right?” Then send it to whoever. As you type, you can adjust how long the recipient will have to read it before it self-erases from existence. Or if you sent a mass email not intended for the masses, you can delete it immediately.

You can even prevent people from taking screenshots of whatever you just sent.

You can’t prevent them from voting against you, though.

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