Cap Dance

Putting Your Pictures on Absolutely Anything

None Take a picture, it’ll last longer.

Or, you know, become a pillowcase.

Say cheese for Cap That, a website that transforms any digital photograph into... well, anything, online now.

It works like so: head to the website and upload a picture from Instagram or Facebook or wherever. Next, choose something from the site to plaster with your image. Have it mailed to you. Then, wonder how you ever lived without it.

So the next time you’re...

... redecorating, get something to hang on the wall. Like a canvas print. Or a metal print. Or a woodblock print of that picture of you chopping wood.

... captaining a softball team, order some custom water bottles with your face on the outside. And water on the inside. Or maybe whiskey.

... interested in embarrassing your dog, try a custom pet tank top. They’ll love you unconditionally for that.

... suffering from chapped lips, purchase a lip balm where the label is you. And you are the label.

... naked, buy a shirt and have something strange screened on it.

Then, allow three to five days for shipping.

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