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Owning the Longest Indoor Ski Slope in the UK

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This whole “depending on the weather to ski” thing. It has to stop.

And that’s... why you’re about to buy a fake indoor mountain.

Lay down your best offer for Chill Factore. It’s the UK’s longest indoor ski slope and it just went on the market for a cool $34 million.

Here’s what you can (and probably should) do after you’ve claimed what’s rightfully yours...

Be a boss.
You’ve just purchased what essentially amounts to a life-size snow globe. So learn how to light a cigar while skiing. You’re the benevolent dictator of this little kingdom now.

Throw yourself an elaborate welcoming ceremony.
Cut a ribbon. Say something like “Yeah, this is all mine now.” Drop the mic. Then, buy everyone a round at the slopeside sports bar. Oh, right, there’s a slopeside sports bar. And a little pizza joint. And polar bears, after you put them there.

Host your version of the Winter Olympics.
If your guests just feel like racing down 590 feet of man-made slope, fine. They can do that. So can you. But you’ve also got special tracks for rubber tubing. Ice slides for luging. Climbing walls for climbing. And giant hollow “snow spheres” for climbing into and rolling down in.

You’ll call it... snow sphering.


Chill Factore
Trafford Way
Trafford Quays Leisure Village
Manchester M41 7JA
United Kingdom
official website


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