Tab Fare

Using Your Phone’s Camera to Split the Bill

None Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind.

Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting.

Yahoo Serious in Young Einstein.

Now there’re three people who played three people who would have absolutely no need for this thing.

Order another round for Tab, a bill-splitting app that helps you divvy up who owes what by simply taking a picture of your check, available now.

How this works: Smoke. Mirrors. And by utilizing the camera on your phone to scan and then digitally itemize every charge on your bill. You’ll then scroll down the receipt, tap on the things you ordered (martini, steak sandwich, martini and martini) and boom... you just avoided math.

When you’ll use this: Big group dinner parties. Big Sunday wing benders. Anytime you don’t feel like thinking.

When you won’t use this: Dates. Client dinners. When the in-laws are in town. When you’re out celebrating. When you’re trying to make a point about the current state of chivalry.

Also, Thanksgiving.

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