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A Permanent Kind of Pop-Up in Trinity Groves

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Hurry up.

Get a move on.

Out of my way...

... Are examples of things you might say when fleeting short ribs are on the line.

Make a beeline for Kitchen LTO, an evolving restaurant concept that’s transforming into a brand-new dinner spot every four months, opening tonight in Trinity Groves.

You probably have questions. That’s understandable. So herewith: three nuggets of critical intel. Read slowly.

It looks like a pop-up.
It’s sort of got that transitory, could-change-at-any-minute vibe. Except, you know, nice. On your left: an open kitchen and a wood-topped bar. In the middle: a tree-like, floor-to-ceiling art piece. And straight ahead: an orange wall covered in multicolored canvases.

Because it’s a pop-up.
See, LTO stands for “Limited Time Only.” Right, because in four months, this place will be gone. Replaced with something else. So stop in and say hello to chef Norman Grimm (Acme F&B) and the Coevál Studio (Outpost American Tavern, Belly & Trumpet) design guys. They’re hitting leadoff here.

And they’re doing a modern French/American thing.
Which somehow translates into plates of sake-glazed pork belly, braised short ribs and branzino with a bacon-malt reduction.

We suppose bacon-malt is the American part.

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