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Burgers. Fries. Shakes. Here We Go Again.

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It’s a good day to be an American around here. We’re going to the World Cup again. Also: here comes a whole new array of burgers, shakes and fries in the form of Smashburger, open as of a couple hours ago on Connecticut. Here’s a breakdown.

You Might Expect: Counter service, some American flag art and a bunch of tables that might not give you that much elbow room at lunch.
You Might Not Expect: A bunch of red bar stools lined up, where you can crack open a Virginia microbrew while you await your burger.

You Might Expect: A pleasantly fatty burger, griddle-fried and piled with bacon, pickles, egg, whatever you want.
You Might Not Expect: A few touches like baby arugula on the Capital burger, or the white truffle mayo on the mushroom-swiss burger.

You Might Expect: Other stuff, like chicken sandwiches. And a veggie burger that gets a triple dose of heat from jalapeños, hot sauce and a chipotle bun.
You Might Not Expect: A “secret” menu, largely culled from the menus in other cities. Think fried pickles, or Vegas’s own Sin City burger, with bacon, egg, cheese and two kinds of onions.

Know when to hold ’em.

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